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FR8988 Ancona Time: 13:35
FR8316 Genova Time: 14:00
FR8629 Torino Time: 14:20
FR9491 Milano Bergamo Time: 17:25
FR8123 Kaunas Time: 17:30
AZ1823 Pantelleria Time: 18:30
FR9988 Pisa Time: 18:55
FR8646 Venezia Treviso Time: 19:35
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FR3144 Varsavia Modlin Time: 14:35
FR8801 Eindhoven Time: 15:10
FR8645 Venezia Treviso Time: 15:50
FR9492 Milano Bergamo Time: 17:50
FR8124 Kaunas Time: 17:55
FR9989 Pisa Time: 19:20
FR9989 Pisa Time: 19:20
AZ1824 Pantelleria Time: 19:30
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La Pentolaccia a erice La Pentolaccia
From € 25

I Vitelloni a trapani I Vitelloni
From € 10

Trattoria Poseidone a trapani Trattoria Poseidone
From € 19

Caupona Taverna di Sicilia a trapani Caupona Taverna di Sicilia

Trattoria Pizzeria Boca a trapani Trattoria Pizzeria Boca
From € 13

La Rustichella a erice La Rustichella
From € 15


The airport opened in the early 1960s with connections to Palermo, Pantelleria and Tunisia e from 1964 to Naples and Rome.

Thanks to its strategic geographical position, the airport saw an increase in military activity with the establishment of the "37th stormo" of the AMI, located in the military area, now separated from the civilian airport to guarantee the complete independence of both structures.

After a long period of inactivity, since 2003 the air traffic has notably increased thanks to the application of local national flights currently running to Bari, Bologna, Cagliari, Milano Linate e Roma Fiumicino, operated by air company Air One.

Also, since September 2006, the low cost company Ryanair operates a daily flight to Pisa, whilst since spring 2007 new international flights have been available to Barcellona-Girona e Dublin. The air company Meridiana operates daily flights to Pantelleria and Palermo.

In the regional plan for Sicilian air transport, 2 aeronautic areas are being planned, the western one represented by the airports of Palermo e Trapani, and the eastern one represented by the airports of Catania e Comiso.

The civilian airport is under the management of Airgest, founded in June 1992 ed operative since January 1993.
It is a military airport, open to national civilian traffic with independent runways and it is situated in the Marsala territory.





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