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 La Sirena di Sansica La Sirena di Sansica erice La Sirena di Sansica   Via Lungomare 45 - 91016 Bonagia La Sirena di Sansica -

Today, after 60 years of history, Il Sirena (better known as Sansica) is a modern and functional restaurant, divided into two rooms, both air conditioned.
Managed by Antonino Sansica and his wife Nicolina Solina, it was a modest restaurant with dishes created with the catch of the day. Then with the economic boom after World War II, it became a culinary point of reference for all.
Years of "middle class" clientele and then an initial tourist clientele, from where the "Sansica" myth was born.

There is a legend, according to which, a well-known painter from Trapani, to pay the bill, left in pledge one of his paintings, which was not pleasing to Nino Sansica (u Zu Nino)a person of noble spirit.

In the late 1970s the restaurant built on its reputation, establishing itself as a temple of Mediterranean flavours. Today it is run by Girolamo Sansica (known as Mommo), with the partecipation of the whole family, his wife Enza and daughters, Daniela Sonia and Marina, with their respective husbands.

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