Via G.F. Guarnotti, 17 91016 Erice (TP)


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 La Pentolaccia La Pentolaccia erice La Pentolaccia   Via G.F. Guarnotti, 17  91016 Erice (TP) La Pentolaccia -

The restaurant “La Pentolaccia” was born in Erice, a typical medieval suburn in the province of Tapani, in 1968.
The structure site inside an ancient convent built between the 1612 and the 1617.
Up to a few decades ago, the monastery gives hospitality a claustral community of nuns, known for their production of typical sweets of theyr abbey.

Realized in different elevations, very characteristic is the main entry where a typical Sicilian wheelbarrow receives clients.
Rustic as well as elegant, it is furnished with care in the least details, wounderful are the wood-beams roof, the precious fornitures which underline the elegance and the refined style of the place.

Pollina brothers take care personally of their guests, proposing good dishes of the chef Salvo Ruisi, regional dishes, embellishind by his creativeess, resulting innovative and appetizing to the palate.

Tourist Menu € 25
“Bottarga” of tuna fish

First Dish:
Capricious sausage of fish

Second Dish:
"Trinacria" sword fish

Warm “cassatelle” with ricotta
or semifreddo with almonds
or soufflè of ricotta with macaroons or a tortino with hot chocolate which loosens in the mouth as dessert.

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