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 Sapori di Sicilia Sapori di Sicilia san vito lo capo Sapori di Sicilia   Via Savoia 3 - 91010 San Vito Lo Capo Sapori di Sicilia -

Sapori di Sicilia is the most exclusive restaurant in San Vito Lo Capo.

You will be able to enjoy the best fish dishes, a breathtaking view and a service always attentive to your needs.

On the beach, in front of a crystalline sea is the Sapori di Sicila restaurant, pizzeria and banquet hall. Seating over 250, it is the ideal place to enjoy the flavours of the Sicilian sea and land. We can satisfy even the tastes and whims of even the most imaginative of people. In the restaurant you will be able to taste typical dishes prepared with great attention to detail: couscous, seafood risotto, spaghetti with sea urchins - Sicilian cuisine is full of irresistible delights. At the Sapori di Sicilia pizzeria, you will be able to try excellent, and imaginative pizzas, from the classic ones to the more elaborate. Sapori di Sicilia is in San Vito Lo Capo, one of the most beautiful locations in Western Sicily, between the Zingaro Nature Reserve and Mount Cofano.

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