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Tel: 349 6405483
E-mail: ristorantino.ligny@libero.it
 Ristorantino Ligny Ristorantino Ligny trapani Ristorantino Ligny   Via Sirene 1 - 91100 Trapani Ristorantino Ligny -

Ristorantino Ligny is a typical Sicilian restaurant where you can enjoy the specialties of the most traditional island cuisine on a terrace overlooking the sea.

Fish Specialties.

"I allowed Cecilia (who is also one of the owners of the restaurant) to advise me, and I began with a series of splendid starters: sardine croquettes, raw shrimp, aubergine caponata, octopus with potatoes, mussels au gratin, carrubbedda (fantastic tuna sausage that has been made in Trapani for centuries). As a first course I ate some simple (and for that reason even more delicious) linguine with sea urchins, a perfectly balanced flavour. the restaurant is located under the old walls of Trapani in the Ligny tower area (on the extreme tip of Trapani) with views of the coast that goes as far as San Vito. Closed on Tuesdays! "

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