Via Nicolo Burgio, 10 - 91100 Trapani


Tel: 333 469 3003
E-mail: blessing10@virgilio.it
 Ristorante Blessing Ristorante Blessing trapani Ristorante Blessing   Via Nicolo Burgio, 10 - 91100 Trapani Ristorante Blessing -

"The blessing is an invocation of the grace and favor of one or more gods of someone or something. By extension, it is an invocation of good for someone or something."

Blessing the restaurant is the ideal place to socialize and open to all those who are giving first place not only fun but also a desire to develop many friendships and make new friends in a trendy atmosphere.

Typical Sicilian cuisine comes in the XXI century with imagination and aesthetic sense. Alone Blessing the freshness of the produce of the land and of the Sicilian sea.

Tourist Menu € 12
7 appetizer with drink, starting from 12 euros

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