D.LGS. 30 GIUGNO 2003 N. 196 - Informativa ai sensi dell'art.13
Dear user, according to article. 13 of D. Lgs. 196/2003 as regards personal information data, with regards to the user connected to the websites: - - - which form objects of treatment of which the company First Web of Gianluca Sciacchitano situated in Trapani - Via Gen. Ameglio, 30/32 is the owner of the treatment of data and will proceed with the treatment of data provided by you with respect of the regulations which regard the protection and treatment of personal information. Those users who navigate within our site have the opportunity of contacting us through e-mail; the facultative and voluntary sending of electronic post to the address indicated in our website will bring about the subsequent acquisition of the sender's address, necessary in order to reply to any request, plus any other personal information inserted in the sender's mail. On reception of your email, in our reply, we will send you the relevant communication containing information as regards the purpose and method of treatment of data as 13 del D.Lgs 196/2003. The personal data you send is gathered by telematic means and is therefore treated through electronic means by employees responsible for the treatment of data for the following purpose: replying to requests for information. The owner will supply his own personal information only if required by law. Outside these circumstances, his data will not be communicated or sold to a third party. Within our company, data may be known only by specifically appointed delegates or by those responsible for any eventual maintenance work. Data will only be kept for the amount of time needed to carry out the task for which the data has been received. Informative data is not valid for other websites consultable through our links, websites for which we are not responsible.

The interested party may at any moment exercise his rights from Article. 7 del D.Lgs. 30/06/2003 n. 196, which allows him to request the modification, integration, updating, confirmation or cancellation of data conserved. Such rights may be exercised through the following means: sending an e-mail, sending a fax, sending a registered post letter to the address present on our site. In the same way, a complete list of those responsible for the treatment of data may be requested.

Whilst visiting our site, you may move from page to page in anonymity and have access to important information withour revealing your identiy. In order to improve out site we use "cookies" to conserve traced of your passage. A cookie consists in a reduced number of data transferred to your browser from a server and can be read only by the server which has effectuated the transfer. It works like an identity card, registering the password and preferences. It doesn't transmit viruses. Almost all the browser is programmed to accept cookies You can make the browser notify you when you receive a cookie, allowing you to accept it or not (for some web pages which require an authorisation, cookies are facultative the users who choose to not receive cookies will probably not be able to enter those pages) Navigation data, information technology systems, and the software procedures needed for the functioning of the site acquire certain information which include: your IP address, the type of browser used, the name of the dominium, time of entry into the site and the site from which you operate. Such data is used only to find anonymous statistic information about the use of the site and to control the correct functioning, and are cancelled once the task for which the data has been received has been carried out. The data may be used to ascertain responsibility in case of hypothetic information technology crimes which damage the site.















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